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A. Rind, W. Aigner, S. Miksch, S. Wiltner, M. Pohl, T. Turic, F. Drexler:
"Visual Exploration of Time-oriented Patient Data for Chronic Diseases: Design Study and Evaluation";
Talk: USAB 2011 - 7th Conference of the Workgroup Human-Computer Interaction and Usability Engineering of the Austrian Computer Society, Graz; 2011-11-25 - 2011-11-26; in: "Information Quality in e-Health", A. Holzinger, K. Simonic (ed.); Springer, Heidelberg (2011), ISBN: 978-3-642-25363-8; 301 - 320.

English abstract:
Medical care, particularly for chronic diseases, accumulates a huge amount of patient data over extensive time periods that needs to be accessed and analyzed accordingly. Information Visualization methods hold great promises in turning data deluge into improved quality of medical care. Yet, patient data management systems mostly provide documents, form-based displays, or static visualizations. We present a design study of an interactive visualization system, called VisuExplore, to support long-term care and medical analysis of patients with chronic diseases. VisuExplore offers interaction techniques for effective exploration of time-oriented data and employs simple, but intuitive visualization techniques. It was developed in close cooperation with physicians. We conducted two user studies with nine physicians and 16 students, which indicate that our design is useful and appropriate for particular tasks.

Information Visualization, time-oriented data, medical information systems, visual exploration, interaction techniques, user study

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