Publications in Scientific Journals:

D. Bianchi, L. Katona, J. Brenner, G. Vorlaufer, A. Vernes, W.S.M. Werner, G. Betz:
"Surface roughness, waviness, and shape induced effects in angle-resolved XPS";
Surface and Interface Analysis, 2011 (2011), 1 - 4.

English abstract:
The experimentally determined topographies of engineering surfaces are decomposed using multiresolution analysis to better
understand the impact of surface roughness on angle-resolved XPS. Multiresolution analysis is a powerful mathematical tool
based on wavelets, which allows one to unambiguously distinguish between the roughness, waviness, and shape of any
engineering surface. Exploiting exactly these features, here the separate effects of roughness, waviness, and shape on angleresolved
XPS are computationally investigated in the case of some engineering surfaces by locally (almost pointwise) applying
the Beer-Lambert law at various levels of resolution.

AR-XPS spectra; roughness; MRA; wavelet

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