B. Dittert, A. Gavrilovic, S. Schwarz, P. Angerer, H. Steiner, R. Schöftner:
"Phase content controlled TiO2 nanoparticles using the MicroJetReactor technology";
Journal of the European Ceramic Society, 31 (2011), S. 2475 - 2480.

Kurzfassung englisch:
In this paper, a method for the continuous preparation of nanoscaled titania with controlled phase content is presented. The method bases on the
MicroJetReactor technology. The synthesis process was carried out by using the hydrolysis of titanium tetraethylate (TET). Synthesis with flow
rates to 14 ml/min are implemented, and temperatures are varied between 20 and 210 ◦C. Particle size distribution measurements by dynamic light
scattering (DLS) show monomodal particle size distributions from 1 to 10 nm, stable for more than 24 h. There is no correlation between hydrolysis
temperature and the particle size distributions.
XRD (X-ray diffractometry) investigations showed, that crystal structures of anatase, brookite, rutile and an amorphous content can be detected
in all samples. Quantitative analysis using the Rietveld refinement shows a significant effect of the synthesis temperature on the phase content. The
relative phase content of anatase can be raised from 40 wt% up to 75 wt%, accompanied by a loss of all other phases.
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Powders-chemical preparation; Sol-gel processes; Suspensions; TiO2; Nanocrystals

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