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J. Patalas-Maliszewska:
"Development of innovation - experiences in Poland";
in: "Kulturelle Diversität und Neue Medien : Entwicklungen - Interdependenzen - Resonanzen", issued by: G. Banse, I. Krebs; trafo Verlagsgruppe Dr. Wolfgang Weist, Berlin, 2011, ISBN: 978-3-89626-897-6, 59 - 65.

English abstract:
Nowadays, the notion of innovation is treated flexibly depending on the field in which it is used. The bases of being economically competitive enterprise in the SME sector (small and medium sizes enterprises) are directly initiative and innovation. The author treats enterprise innovation as the ability and motivation to search and commercially use the results of scientific researches.

To be competitive, the enterprises of SME sector should find the support in the universities in order to gain knowledge and innovation as a "driving force of the growth" (in accordance with the document, "Common Actions for Economic Growth and Employment - the New Beginning of Lisbon Strategy"). It is necessary to be a more attractive business partner than other enterprises by means of patents, technology, location, products quality and the ability to buy cheap.

In this article the present stand of innovation management in polish SME based on the research results in the project "Innovation development in the Lubuskie region" (paperīs author was member of group, which realized this project) is presented. The date which was used is from 2007-2008 from Lubuskie region, Poland. Consequently, based on the research results, the model of innovation transfer in SMEs is formulated.

innovation, innovation transfer in SME

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