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P. Sitek, M. Sesana, H. Truong:
"COIN research results for enterprise innovation - Enterprise Collaboration Baseline Services";
in: "The COIN Book - Enterprise Collaboration and Interoperability - in: Bremer Schriften zur integrierten Produkt- und Prozessentwicklung, Band 71", P. Sitek, S. Gusmeroli, M. Conte, K. Jansson, I. Karvonen (ed.); Mainz Verlag, Aachen, 2011, (invited), ISBN: 3-86130-713-8, 46 - 53.

English abstract:
Enterprise Collaboration (EC) is a broad subject. Thus, a variety of different opinions can be formed mainly based on the scientific discipline behind it. In the context of COIN IP project, Enterprise Collaborations are based on interorganisational relationships between network members, making the analysis and support of those lationships one of our main objectives. To this end, in the first year of the project, we consolidated and harmonised results from previous RTD projects concerned with Enterprise Collaborations to provide the Baseline Enterprise Collaboration (EC) Services for the COIN project. In this chapter, we present our consolidating results in which EC Baselines Services are introduced to support most dynamic enterprise collaborations, like Business Ecosystems, by harmonising individuals and organisations profiles under the same model.

Baseline Services, Enterprise Collaboration, COIN IP

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