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J. Oetsch, J. Puehrer, M. Seidl, H. Tompits, P. Zwickl:
"VIDEAS: Supporting Answer-Set Program Development using Model-Driven Engineering Techniques";
Talk: MELO 2011 - Model-Driven Engineering, Logic and Optimization: friends or foes?, Birmingham, UK; 2011-06-06; in: "Proceedings of the MELO 2011Workshop: Model-Driven Engineering, Logic and Optimization: friends or foes?", (2011), 16 pages.

English abstract:
Recently, the techniques of model-driven engineering (MDE) have been proven valuable to manage the complexity of modern software systems during the software development process. In the area of answer-set programming (ASP), the focus is set so far on theoretical aspects, applications, and the development of efficient solvers, reducing the attention that is paid to the pragmatics of programming and assisting tools. To address this issue, we propose the MDE-based program development method VIDEAS by introducing explicit model-to-code mappings and code generation strategies ensuring compliant specification of facts and essential constraints. Its practical applicability is realised on the basis of a prototypical implementation.

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Project Head Hans Tompits:
Softwareentwicklung in der Answer-Set Programmierung

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