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M. Schnürch, B. Waldner, K. Hilber, M.D. Mihovilovic:
"Synthesis of 5-arylated N-arylthiazole-2-amines as potential skeletal muscle cell differentiation promoters";
Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters, 21 (2011), 7; 2149 - 2154.

English abstract:
A series of N-arylthiazole-2-amines was prepared and their biological activity for the promotion of skeletal muscle cell differentiation was investigated, a process of significant importance in muscle regeneration. A versatile new synthetic route towards the target compounds was developed and the substrate scope of this methodology was investigated. Introduction of the 2-aminoaryl substituent was carried out via nucleophilic substitution reactions in excellent yields. Furthermore, the aryl in 5-position was introduced applying a direct arylation reaction, a major improvement compared to reported synthetic routes regarding atom efficiency and sustainability.

C-H activation, heterocycles, cell differentiation, bioactive compound

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