Diploma and Master Theses (authored and supervised):

C. Basch:
"Animated Transitions Across Multiple Dimensions for Volumetric Data";
Supervisor: E. Gröller, P. Rautek; Institut für Computergraphik und Algorithmen, 2011.

English abstract:
There are several techniques, that can be used to visualize volumetric data. A data set can be illustrated using slicing (depicting arbitrary slices through the volume), direct volume rendering (DVR), or in a more abstract way, histograms and scatter plots. Usually these different methods of visualization are being applied separately. To recognize coherencies between the representations, methods based on Linking and Brushing can be utilized. These methods highlight voxels in one view, as soon as they are selected in another one. Coming from scientific visualization, these methods are very useful, when selecting voxels from 2D data representations, like scatter plots. Of course they are less useful, when trying to select voxels directly from the volume. Therefore this thesis explored methods, that are not based on selection and highlighting. Rather, the correlation between different representations is shown by moving voxels between different volume representations. As a basis, methods like staggered animation, acceleration, and deceleration were adopted, which had been previously used in the graphical analysis of statistical data.

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