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C. Erath, S. Funken, P. Goldenits, D. Praetorius:
"Simple error estimators for the Galerkin BEM for some hypersingular integral equation in 2D";
Applicable Analysis, 92 (2013), 6; 1194 - 1216.

English abstract:
A posteriori error estimation is an important tool for reliable and
efficient Galerkin boundary element computations. For hypersingular
integral equations in 2D with positive-order Sobolev space, we
analyze the mathematical relation between the (h− h/2)-error
estimator from [Ferraz-Leite, Praetorius 2008], the two-level error
estimator from [Maischak, Mund, Stephan 1997], and the averaging
error estimator from [Carstensen, Praetorius 2007]. All of these a
posteriori error estimators are simple in the following sense: First,
the numerical analysis can be done within the same mathematical
framework, namely localization techniques for the energy norm.
Second, there is almost no implementational overhead for the

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