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J. Patalas-Maliszewska:
"Business Intelligence As A Tool For Knowledge Management In Smes";
in: "Contenporary and future trends in management", J. Lewandowski, I. Jałmuzna, A. Walaszczyk (ed.); issued by: The Technical University Lodz; The Technical University Lodz, Lodz, 2011, ISBN: 9788372834317, 30 - 42.

English abstract:
The enterprises functioning in market economy have to implement changes in their systems of organization and the management that they use. Data mining in small business is little studied and the majority of the offered products are oriented to big companies. This work presents approach to the methodology of implementation of Business Intelligence tool, based on the optimize business activities by efficient usage of accumulated data the data mining technologies for SME. Implementation of BI is a costly process and long lasting. This means that companies can decide to accidental products often inadequate for your needs. Therefore, in this article is proposed the new concept of methodology of BI implementation for SME.

data mining tools for SME, Knowledge Management in SME, Business Intelligence

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