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L. Nannen, A. Schädle:
"Hardy space infinite elements for Helmholtz-type problems with unbounded inhomogeneities";
Wave Motion, 48 (2011), 2; 116 - 129.

English abstract:
This paper introduces a class of approximate transparent boundary conditions for the solution of Helmholtz-type resonance and scattering problems on unbounded domains. The computational domain is assumed to be a polygon. A detailed description of two variants of the Hardy space infinite element method which relies on the pole condition is given. The method can treat waveguide-type inhomogeneities in the domain with non-compact support. The results of the Hardy space infinite element method are compared to a perfectly matched layer method. Numerical experiments indicate that the approximation error of the Hardy space decays exponentially in the number of Hardy space modes.

Helmholtz equation; Resonance; Scattering; Transparent boundary condition; Non-reflecting boundary condition; Pole condition; Hardy space; Infinite element method

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