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G. Hastermann, P. Lima, L. Morgado, E. Weinmüller:
"Numerical Solution of the Density Profile Equation with p-Laplacians";
in: "ASC Report 43/2011", issued by: Institute of Analysis and Scientific Computing; Vienna University of Technology, Wien, 2011, ISBN: 978-3-902627-04-9, 1 - 21.

English abstract:
Analytical properties of a nonlinear singular second order boundary
value problem in ordinary di erential equations posed on an unbounded
domain for the density pro le of the formation of microscopic bubbles in
a nonhomogeneous
uid are discussed. Especially, su cient conditions
for the existence of solutions are derived. Two computational methods, a
shooting and a collocation method, are proposed for the numerical treat-
ment of the analytical problem. The results of numerical simulations are
presented and discussed.

Singular boundary value problems, nonlinear ordinary di er-

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