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C. Feier, H. Aït-Kaci, J. Angele, J. De Bruijn, H. Citeau, T. Eiter, A. El Ghali, A. Kerhet, E. Kiss, R. Korf, T. Krekeler, T. Krennwallner, S. Heymans, A. Mosca, M. Rezk, G. Xiao et al.:
"D3.3 Complexity and Optimization of Combinations of Rules and Ontologies";
Report No. D3.3, 2010; 159 pages.

English abstract:
This document presents further developments on the theoretical and practical approaches to combining logical rules and ontologies, as well as on the approaches to combining production rules and ontologies, introduced in deliverable D3.2. The work is structured
along two orthogonal axes: the first axis is about investigating combinations of logical rules and Description Logics vs. investigating combinations of production rules and Description Logics, while the second axis is about loosely-coupled vs. tightly-coupled approaches. By loosely-coupled approaches we understand approaches where the interaction between the rules and ontology is based on a loose interface between the components (using, for example, the entailment procedure for a Description Logic) whereas by
tightly-coupled approaches we understand approaches which treat the ontology and the rule component as one whole and define models that take into account both the ontology axioms as well as the rules.

ONTORULE, optimizations, combinations of rules and ontologies, Datalog rewritability, Forest Logic Programs, Production Rules Systems

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