Scientific Reports:

C. Feier, T. Eiter, M. Kifer, A. Mosca, M. Rezk, R. Rosati, M. Ortiz de la Fuente, M. Simkus, T. Tran, G. Xiao:
"D3.4 Converged and Optimized Combinations of Rules and Ontologies";
Report for ONTORULE project; Report No. D3.4, 2011; 163 pages.

English abstract:
The deliverable continues the work in D3.3 on optimized combinations of rules and ontologies, both on the logical programming side and on the production rule side: it presents new results concerning reasoning with Datalon-rewritable ontologies and Forest Logic Programs, and the specification of new combinations of production rule systems and ontologies. Further on, it adresses issues concerning the integration of both types of combinations: based on logical rules and based on production rules.

Horn-SHIQ, Datalog rewritability, KAOS, Open Answer Programming, optimal reasoning with FoLPs, Transaction Logic with Partially Defined Actions, Generalized Ontology-based Production Systems, ACTHEX, higher-arity FDNC

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