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R. Piazzi, R. Baggio, J. Neidhardt, H. Werthner:
"Network Analysis of the Austrian eTourism Web";
Vortrag: ENTER Conference 2012, Helsingborg, Sweden; 24.01.2012 - 27.01.2012; in: "Proceedings of ENTER Conference 2012", Springer Wien New York, (2012), ISBN: 978-3-7091-1141-3; S. 356 - 367.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Network analysis methods have gained much attention in the last years and have provided a wealth of insights into the structural and dynamic properties of many systems. Here these methods are applied to the study of a destination´s tourism webspace. This exploratory analysis aims at showing how these techniques can be used and what outcomes can be obtained. After a short introduction to network analysis and a brief review of the literature, the network analysis of the Austrian eTourism Web is described in detail. The data collection methods are explained and the characteristic network parameters are calculated. Then the results are discussed and interpreted.

Network analysis, eTourism, Austria, World Wide Web

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