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T Moser, R. Mordinyi, D. Winkler, M. Melik-Merkumians, S. Biffl:
"Efficient Automation Systems Engineering Process Support Based on Semantic Integration of Engineering Knowledge";
Talk: 16th IEEE International Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation (ETFA 2011), Toulouse, France; 2011-09-05 - 2011-09-09; in: "Proceeding of 16th IEEE International Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation", Z. Mammeri, R. Zurawski (ed.); (2011), ISBN: 978-1-4577-0016-3; 1 - 8.

English abstract:
Modern industrial automation systems engineering
(ASE) environments have to accommodate for heterogeneity
coming from the engineering disciplines involved, the
software tools and their data models, and run-time data
collection. In many ASE environments domain experts
have to invest considerable effort to bridge the semantic
gaps between common project-level engineering concepts
and the diverse local data representations.
In this paper we discuss the needs for semantic integration
and applications of machine-understandable knowledge
engineering in three real-world ASE use cases from
our industry partners. We provide an evaluation concept
with empirical studies to measure the benefits and limitations
of the proposed approach compared to the traditional
expert-intensive approach. Major result of the initial
evaluation is that semantic integration has good potential
to make engineering processes more efficient and
robust if supported well with user interfaces that end users
find usable and useful.

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