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W. Sunindyo, T Moser, D. Winkler:
"Process Model Validation for Heterogeneous Engineering Environments";
Talk: Software Quality Days 2012, Vienna, Austria; 2012-01-17 - 2012-01-19; in: "Proceedings of Software Quality Days 2012, Practical Part", (2012), 1 - 14.

English abstract:
Heterogeneous engineering environments involve multi-disciplinary engineering domains, e.g., mechanical, electrical and software engineering, to cooperate and reach the common goals, e.g., to produce a good quality of prod-ucts on time. The typical challenge that should be faced by the project manager in the heterogeneous engineering systems are how to validate heterogeneous processes in the systems, since the systems typically involve different type of processes from heterogeneous stakeholders. In this paper, we propose a busi-ness goal evaluation framework to improve a simulation-based process valida-tion (SbPV) to check the conformance between the designed process model and the actual production process data obtained from real-world industrial case. Ma-jor result was the business goal evaluation framework improved the efficiency of production process validation by providing information to support the project managerīs decision on the process improvement.

heterogeneous engineering environments, production automation systems, production processes, process validation, simulation.

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