Scientific Reports:

M. Morak, N. Musliu, R. Pichler, St. Rümmele, S. Woltran:
"Evaluating Tree-Decomposition Based Algorithms for Answer Set Programming";
Report No. DBAI-TR-2011-73, 2011; 19 pages.

English abstract:
A promising approach to tackle intractable problems is given by a combination of decomposition methods with dynamic algorithms. One such decomposition concept is tree decomposition.However, several heuristics for obtaining a tree decomposition exist and, moreover, also the subsequent dynamic algorithm can be laid out differently. In this paper, we provide an experimental evaluation of this combined approach when applied to reasoning problems in propositional answer set programming. More specifically, we analyze the performance of three different heuristics and two different dynamic algorithms, an
existing standard version and a novel algorithm based on a more involved data structure, but which provides better theoretical runtime. The results suggest that a suitable combination of the tree decomposition heuristics and the dynamic algorithm has to be chosen carefully. In particular, we observed that the performance of the dynamic algorithm highly depends on certain features (besides treewidth) of the provided tree decomposition. Based on this
observation we apply supervised machine learning techniques to automatically select the dynamic algorithm depending on the features of the input tree decomposition.

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