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W. Sunindyo, M. Melik-Merkumians, T Moser, S. Biffl:
"Enforcing Safety Requirements for Industrial Automation System at Runtime - Position Paper";
Talk: 2nd International Workshop on Requirements@Run.Time (RE@RunTime 2011), Trento, Italy; 2011-08-30; in: "Proceedings of 2nd International Workshop on Requirements@Run.Time (RE@RunTime 2011)", (2011), ISBN: 978-1-4577-0944-9; 37 - 42.

English abstract:
Current industrial automation systems are becoming
more and more complex, and typically involve different
phases of engineering, such as design time and runtime. System
requirements, which are usually elicited during design
time by engineers, currently are not sufficiently represented
at runtime, like the runtime enforcement of safety requirements
for industrial automation systems. Such kind of enforcement
usually is very hard to model and predict at design
time. Hence, the need exists to capture and manage safety
requirements at design time and runtime, since safety
requirements of industrial automation systems may lead to
high risks if not addressed properly. In this position paper,
we introduce a safety requirements enforcement framework
and the using of Boilerplates for requirements elicitation and
by explicitly modeling the runtime requirements knowledge
for further application. We illustrate and evaluate the approach
with data from a real-world case study in the area of
industrial process systems. Major result was that the Boilerplates
and explicit engineering knowledge are well suited to
capture and enforce runtime safety requirements of industrial
automation systems.

industrial automation systems, safety requirements, requirements at runtime, requirements elicitation.

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