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W. Sunindyo:
"Observing and Validating Heterogeneous Workflows in Multidisciplinary Engineering Environments";
Talk: International Doctoral Symposium on Software Engineering and Advanced Applications (IDoSEAA 2011), Oulu, Finland; 2011-08-30; in: "Proceedings of International Doctoral Symposium on Software Engineering and Advanced Applications (IDoSEAA 2011)", D. Dhungana (ed.); (2011), 1 - 7.

English abstract:
Multidisciplinary engineering environments, such as production automation systems or power plants, typically involve different engineering domains, e.g., mechanical, elec-trical and software engineering. The stakeholders from dif-ferent engineering domains focus on their specific domain, aim at specific goals and follow different process steps by using different workflows, while have to work together to reach the project goal. In higher level, the project manager has a responsibility to manage the progress of project, in-cluding observing the using of workflows, e.g., for managing changes or deletion, in those different domains. The using of workflows in the project is not frequently occurred, but it can affect the progress of project, either make the project delayed, make the project faster, or even change the direc-tion of the project. Major challenges to handle the using of workflows in the multidisciplinary engineering projects are as follows, (1) the heterogeneity of data models, tools, and semantic to represent workflows is hard to manage, (2) the using of manual approach to collect the workflows data is time-consuming and error-prone, (3) different workflows that have relationships are not linked appropriately, make the analysis and validation hard. In this paper, we propose a framework to observe and validate different workflows for supporting project monitoring efforts by the project man-ager. We set up and implement different methods, tools, and procedures to collect, integrate and analyze different work-flows data. Major results show that the framework can sup-port project the manager in observing and validating work-flows more efficiently compared to traditional mainly man-ual approaches.

workflows, multidisciplinary engineering environments, workflow observation, workflow validation.

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