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S. Kuster:
"Successful communication in European research projects - the GENESYS project as best practice";
Talk: 2. Projekt Management Symposium der Fachhochschule des bfi Wien, Wien; 2011-06-16; in: "Wirtschaft und Management, Schriftenreihe zur Wissenschaftlichen Forschung und Praxis, Band 15", Wirtschaft und Management, Heft 15 (2011), 75 - 89.

English abstract:
GENESYS has been a European research project in the Information and Communication Technology domain (ICT) with a budget of about 2.7 Mio Euro and has involved twenty- three project partners from eleven different European countries. Given this high number of research groups from different organizations and the inherent complexity of geographically distributed project partners, communication has been a key factor for the successful coordination of the GENESYS project. This paper discusses the implementation of communication structures and instruments within the GENESYS project. We present the individual project roles (scientific coordinator, administrative manager, work package leaders, work package members) and team roles (architecture board and general assembly). In particular, we describe the dedicated responsibilities and interfaces of these roles necessary to have a sound communication flow. Furthermore, we discuss the electronic tools (email, SharePoint, phone) as well as personal tools (meetings, talks) and paper tools (contracts, minutes, reports) that have been used to exchange written, oral, and visual information among the project partners. We emphasize the importance to establish a common understanding of the communication concept used in the project and conclude with lessons learned from GENESYS and how they, in general, contribute to successful project execution. This paper describes the implementation of the communication structure in a European research project.

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