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L. Krammer, W. Granzer, W. Kastner:
"A new Approach for Robot Motion Planning using Rapidly-exploring Randomized Trees";
Talk: IEEE 9th International Conference on. Industrial Informatics (INDIN'2011), Caparica, Lisbon, Portugal; 2011-07-26 - 2011-07-29; in: "Proceedings IEEE Conference on Industrial Informatics (INDIN '11)", (2011), 263 - 268.

English abstract:
In the last few years, car-like robots became in-
creasingly important. Thus, motion planning algorithms for this
kind of problem are needed more than ever. Unfortunately,
this problem is computational difficult and so probabilistic
approaches like Probabilistic Roadmaps or Rapidly-exploring
Randomized Trees are often used in this context.
This paper introduces a new concept for robot motion plan-
ning especially for car-like robots based on Rapidly-exploring
Randomized Trees. In contrast to the conventional method,
the presented approach uses a pre-computed auxiliary path to
improve the distribution of random states. The main contribution
of this approach is the significantly increased quality of the
computed path. A proof-of-concept implementation evaluates the
quality and performance of the proposed concept.

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