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J. Eder, N. Kerschbaumer, J. Koepke, A. Tahamtan:
"View-based interorganizational workflows";
Keynote Lecture: 12th International Conference on Computer Systems and Technologies, Wien; 2011-06-16 - 2011-06-17; in: "Proc. of the 12th International Conference on Computer Systems and Technologies", (2011), 1 - 10.

English abstract:
We propose a new architecture for modeling and enacting of interorganizational business processes which captures both control flow and data flow aspects of web service orchestrations and
choreographies. A major modeling concepts is a view mechanism to balance the problems of openness, privacy and coupling in cross-organization interactions. The view concept cares both for process abstraction and for data transformation between business partners. To cope with interoperability problems that arise from different data formats and internal schemas used by different choreography participants we support transformation of XML-based data types through our views. The approach allows a to enact interorganizational business processes in a fully distributed way without the need for any central coordinator.

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