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L. Exl, S. Bance, M. Gusenbauer, F. Reichel, T. Schrefl, W. Auzinger:
"Fast stray field computation on tensor grids";
Journal of Computational Physics, 231 (2012), 7; 2840 - 2850.

English abstract:
A direct integration algorithm is described to compute the magnetostatic field and energy for given magnetization distributions on not necessarily uniform tensor grids. We use an analytically-based tensor approximation approach for function-related tensors, which
reduces calculations to multilinear algebra operations. The algorithm scales with N^(4/3)for N computational cells used and with N^(2/3)(sublinear) when magnetization is given in canonical tensor format. In the final section we confirm our theoretical results concerning computing times and accuracy by means of numerical examples.

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