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M. Balaam, G. Fitzpatrick, J. Good, E. Harris:
"Enhancing Interactional Synchrony with an Ambient Display";
Talk: 2011 Annual Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI'2011), Vancouver, CA; 2011-05-07 - 2011-05-12; in: "Proc. CHI 2011", ACM Press, New York (2011), ISBN: 978-1-4503-0267-8; 867 - 876.

English abstract:
Nonverbal communication is an essential part of face-to face
social interaction, conveying information about
emotion and interpersonal relationships. The rigorous
sensing capabilities of pervasive technologies and the subtle
nature of ambient technologies make them ideal to support
the production of nonverbal communication in social
interactions. In this paper we present a study using an
ambient technology that supports nonverbal
communication, and specifically nonverbal behaviours
associated with rapport. We show that an ambient display
can influence a participantīs nonverbal behaviour, and that
participants are not aware of this change in their behaviour.
We discuss these findings in terms of the design and ethical
issues that it raises, and define an agenda for future work.

Ambient display, biofeedback monitor for social interaction, social interaction, face-to-face interaction, rapport, interactional synchrony. H5.3. Group and Organization Interfaces: Synchronous.

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