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A. Ipp, J. Evers, C. Keitel, K. Hatsagortsyan:
"Streaking at high energies with electrons and positrons";
Physics Letters B, 702 (2011), 383 - 387.

English abstract:
A detection scheme for characterizing high-energy γ-ray pulses down to the zeptosecond timescale is proposed. In contrast to existing attosecond metrology techniques, our method is not limited by atomic shell physics and therefore capable of breaking the MeV photon energy and attosecond time-scale barriers. It is inspired by attosecond streak imaging, but builds upon the high-energy process of electron-positron pair production in vacuum through the collision of a test pulse with an intense laser pulse. We discuss necessary conditions to render the scheme feasible in the upcoming Extreme Light Infrastructure laser facility.

Streaking; γ-Rays; Sub-attosecond pulses; Electron-positron pair production

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