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A. Mahdavi, K. Orehounig:
"Energy and Thermal Performance of Hammams";
in: "Hammam Rehabilitation Reader", H. Dumreicher, R.S. Levine, M. Sibley-Behloul (ed.); issued by: Hammamed - Raising Awareness for the Hammam...; Sonderzahl, Wien, Österreich, 2012, 14 pages.

English abstract:
This contribution describes a resent research effort to collect and analyse data concerning traditional bath buildings (>hammams<) in Egypt, Turkey, Morocco, Syria, and Algeria. Thereby, the energy performance of and the thermal comfort conditions in five hammams were studied. Moreover, empirically calibrated building performance simulation models were generated in order to predict the consequences of alternative thermal retrofit measures. The results provide the opportunity for an objective assessment of hammams´ actual energy and indoor environmental performance.

German abstract:
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energy performance, thermal comfort, traditional bath buildings, calibrated building performance simulation models, retrofit measures

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