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T. Lidy, P. van der Linden:
"Report on 3rd CHORUS+ Think-Tank: Think-Tank on the Future of Music Search, Access and Consumption, MIDEM 2011";
Report for CHORUS+ European Coordination Action on Audiovisual Search; 2011; 30 pages.

English abstract:
The Think-Tank on the Future of Music Search, Access and Consumption aimed at discussing
the current and future challenges of the music industry and to assess the role and impact of
current and future music search and recommendation technologies and services. It was held at
MIDEM 2011, the world's largest music industry trade fair in Cannes, France and coordinated
by CHORUS+, a European Coordination Action on Audio-Visual Search, as the third in a
series of Think-Tanks.
The digital changeover has been highly disruptive to the music business so far. This Think-
Tank focused on analyzing what is lying ahead, especially from a technological viewpoint
with regard to latest technologies emerging from R&D. The goal of this Think-Tank was to
establish, with selected highly qualified market and technology experts, a consensual
understanding of, and outlook on, the future of future musical services, to identify crucial
technologies in relation to search and to outline the map of key enabling technologies in the
The Think-Tank analyzed current music consumption patterns, emerging services and
technologies and discussed technological gaps in the music industry in terms of search,
recommendation and personalization. It identified and the open questions and the challenges
of the music industry in the coming 10 years.

music, business, music industry, think-tank, music analysis

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