M. Aurada, M. Feischl, D. Praetorius:
"Convergence of some adaptive FEM-BEM coupling for elliptic but possibly nonlinear interface problems";
M2AN Math. Model. Numer. Anal., 46 (2012), S. 1147 - 1173.

Kurzfassung englisch:
We consider the symmetric FEM-BEM coupling for the numerical solution
of a (nonlinear) interface problem for the 2D Laplacian. We introduce
some new a posteriori error estimators based on the (h − h/2)-error
estimation strategy. In particular, these include the approximation
error for the boundary data, which allows to work with discrete
boundary integral operators only. Using the concept of estimator
reduction, we prove that the proposed adaptive algorithm is
convergent in the sense that it drives the underlying error estimator
to zero. Numerical experiments underline the reliability and
efficiency of the considered adaptive mesh-refinement.

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