Publications in Scientific Journals:

R. Gordon, S. Levin, I. Gebeshuber:
"Triggered, Nanostructured Biodegradables (TNBs) for Surgical Implants";
Special issue on Bioinspired Micro and Nanosystems, Micro and Nanosystems (invited), 3 (invited article) (2011), 4; 284 - 289.

English abstract:
In medicine, objects that need to be removed later - such as stents - are commonly placed in patients, with the
time of removal dependent on progress of the patient. In these cases biodegradable materials that last for a specific time
may not be suitable. We propose a new class of nanostructured materials that can hold their form as long as wanted, Triggered,
Nanostructured Biodegradables (TNBs), that can be disintegrated to micro- or nanoscaled components when externally
triggered on command to do so. DNA nanotensegrity microstructures, metastable foams, nanobots and other bioinspired
disintegratable scaffold structures are given as potential examples.

Triggered nanostructured biodegradables, surgical implants, stents, tensegrity, nanobots, modular nanobot dental braces, tektites, Prince Rupertīs drops

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