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V. Pavlu:
"Implementation of the BOLARE Programming Language";
Talk: 28. Workshop der GI-Fachgruppe "Programmiersprachen und Rechenkonzepte", Bad Honnef; 2011-05-02 - 2011-05-04.

English abstract:
REBOL is a very flexible, dynamic, reflective programming language that clearly differs from the dynamic languages currently in popular use. The idea behind REBOL is that different problems should be attacked with different languages that have varying levels of granularity, each specifically tailored to its problem domain. These domain-specific languages should give the programmer the power to write programs that are closer to the problem and more expressive, thus shorter and easier to read, maintain and extend than would be possible in today´s dynamic programming languages.
Despite its promising features, REBOL has not gained wide acceptance. Above all, this is due to the following: (1) The language is merely defined by means of its only implementation, (2) this implementation is closed-source and has many flaws, and (3) the flaws are here to stay.
We therefore started project BOLARE. Aim of this project is to build an interpreter for a language that very closely resembles REBOL but leaves out all unintentional behavior that only stems from artifacts of the original implementation.
After an introduction to REBOL/BOLARE in general, the three areas currently being worked on are presented.

BOLARE; domain-specific language;

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