B. Schillinger, G. Badurek:
"First study of macroscopic neutron dark field imaging using scattering grids";
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A, 651 (2011), S. 197 - 201.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Instead of using the phase grating concept for dark field imaging, macroscopic scattering grids were employed at the ANTARES neutron imaging facility. Two Cadmium grids with a 1 mm gap and 1.2 mm bar were adjusted in a distance of only a few cm in order to block the direct beam. Thus, by placing the samples between these two grids only neutrons that were scattered at the samples were transmitted. A linear motion of the coupled grids allowed scanning across the samples and obtaining complete scattering projections, which delivered surprisingly sharp images. The geometric relation between grids permits determination of the transmitted scattering angles.

Neutron radiography Neutron scattering, Dark field imaging, Scattering grids, Small-angle scattering

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