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S. Benkner, S. Pllana, J. Träff, P. Tsigas, U. Dolinsky, C. Augonnet, B. Bachmayer, C. Kessler, D. Moloney, V. Osipov:
"PEPPHER: Efficient and Productive Usage of Hybrid Computing Systems";
IEEE Micro, Volume 31 (2011), Issue 5; 28 - 41.

English abstract:
PEPPHER, a three-year European FP7 project, addresses efficient utilization of hybrid (heterogeneous) computer systems consisting of multicore CPUs with GPU-type accelerators. This article outlines the PEPPHER performance-aware component model, performance prediction means, runtime system, and other aspects of the project. A larger example demonstrates performance portability with the PEPPHER approach across hybrid systems with one to four GPUs.

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Project Head Jesper Larsson Träff:
Performance Portability and Programmability for Heterogeneous Many-core Architectures

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