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I. Brandic:
"Establishing and Managing Open Cloud Markets";
Talk: ISC Cloud 2011, Mannheim, Germany (invited); 2011-09-26 - 2011-09-27.

English abstract:
While a wealth of work has been accomplished to suit the technological development of Clouds, there has yet been very little work done in the area of the market mechanisms that support them. However, as we learned from the past (e.g., Grid technologies) appropriate market mechanisms, ease of use of markets, and low thresholds for entering the markets will decide whether Cloud computing will take root as a self-sustaining state-of-the-art technology. In this talk, we will discuss current developments for the appropriate management of Service Level Agreements used to establish flexible contracts between market participants on the one hand and to derive necessary information for the self-management of the Cloud markets on the other. Based on the identified use cases we present first prototype for the automatic detection of market niches and autonomic adaptation of SLA templates followed by the recommendations for design of dynamic and self-adaptable Cloud markets.

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Project Head Ivona Brandic:
Foundations of Self-governing ICT Infrastructures

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