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C. Schönauer, T. Pintaric, H. Kaufmann:
"Full Body Motion Capture - A Flexible Marker Based Solution";
Talk: Joint Virtual Reality Conference (JVRC 2011), Nottingham, UK; 2011-09-20 - 2011-09-21; in: "Proceedings of Workshop on Accessibility Engineering with user models, simulation and VR", (2012), 8 pages.

English abstract:
Full body motion capture (MoCap) plays an increasingly im-portant role in many fields from entertainment to medicine. How-ever, accurate motion capture systems have not been used in some application areas due to reasons like cost, inflexibility and complexity of operation. We developed a complete marker based optical MoCap system, which targets these issues. In this paper we describe how a flexible calibration method, robust skeleton tracking and interfaces to third party software have been devel-oped. To demonstrate robustness, reliability and accuracy, our system has been successfully employed to provide input to a serious game targeting rehabilitation of patients with chronic pain of the lower back and neck, a group that has previously been neglected by serious games. A brief overview of the application and preliminary results of a medical evaluation with chronic pain patients is provided.

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