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F. Hlawatsch, G. Matz (ed.):
"Wireless Communications over Rapidly Time-Varying Channels";
Academic Press, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2011, ISBN: 978-0-12-374483-8; 425 pages.

English abstract:
Motivated by higher carrier frequencies, increased user mobility, and carrier frequency offsets encountered in distributed antenna systems, researchers and system designers are shifting their focus from time-invariant channel models to channels that vary within a data block. This book explains the system-theoretic and information-theoretic foundations of rapidly time-varying radio and underwater channels and describes the latest advances in code and transceiver design for such channels. It provides extensive coverage of practical methods for estimating and equalizing rapidly time-varying channels, including training data optimization. Multicarrier communications (OFDM) and multiuser-MIMO techniques receive special emphasis.

This book draws together the leading experts in the world to provide a guide for developing and understanding future wireless technologies. It is a very useful resource for R&D and university researchers in communications engineering and signal processing.

Key features:

* Gives a comprehensive yet concise introduction to time-varying channels, focusing on their properties, description, modeling, and measurement.

* Covers state-of-the-art transmission and receiver techniques for rapidly time-varying channels, including channel coding, channel estimation and equalization, and training data optimization.

* Emphasizes modern techniques like OFDM, MIMO, and iterative turbo-style processing.

* Demonstrates how to optimize future high-performance wireless systems operating over rapidly time-varying channels.

doubly selective channels, time-varying channels, wireless communications, channel models, channel characterization, channel capacity, algebraic coding, channel estimation, pilot design, channel equalization, OFDM, transceiver design, multi user detection

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