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T. Hrycak, S. Das, G. Matz, H.G. Feichtinger:
"Practical Estimation of Rapidly Varying Channels for OFDM Systems";
IEEE Transactions on Communications, 59 (2011), 11; 3040 - 3048.

English abstract:
We propose a novel pilot-aided algorithm for esti- mation of rapidly varying wireless channels in OFDM systems. Our approach is specifically designed for channels varying on the scale of a single OFDM symbol duration, which occur, for example, in mobile WiMAX, WAVE, and DVB-T. From the pilot information, we recover information about the channel taps in the framework of the Basis Expansion Model (BEM). We derive explicit formulas for the BEM coefficients in terms of the receive signal. Algebraically, the algorithm is FFT-based, and can be easily implemented in hardware. For a system with 𝐿 channels taps, our method uses 𝒪(𝐿 log 𝐿) operations and 𝒪(𝐿) memory per OFDM symbol. This complexity is the best possible up to the order of magnitude. Previously published methods require 𝒪(𝐿^2) operations and 𝒪(𝐿^2) memory.
Numerical simulations illustrate performance gains achieved by our estimator at sufficiently high Doppler frequencies. Our approach does not assume any prior statistical information.

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