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B. Hofreiter:
"Special Issue on "CEC 09"";
in series "Journal on Service Oriented Computing and Applications (SOCA)", series editor: K. Lin, J. Chung; Springer LNCS, 2010, ISSN: 1863-2394.

English abstract:
The 11th IEEE Conference on Commerce and Enterprise
Computing (CECī09) was held in Vienna, Austria from
July 20th to 23rd 2009. This conference is the result of
a merger of the two annual flagship conferences of the
IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on E-Commerce:
the IEEE Conference on E-Commerce Technology
(CEC) and the IEEE Conference on Enterprise Computing,
E-Commerce, and E-Services (EEE). Given its new title, the
conference provides a platform for researchers and practitioners
interested in theory and practice of technologies to be
used in E-Commerce and Enterprise Computing.
CEC covers diverse research areas including Commerce
and Business Systems Architecture, Electronic Commerce
Technologies, Business Process Management, Business
Intelligence, Business Services, Semantic Web and Ontological
Engineering, Security and Trust, Mobile Business
Applications, Social Networks, E-Government, and Human
Computer Interaction. Researchers presented and discussed
key technical and economic problems, challenges, trends and
requirements in the E-Commerce and Enterprise Computing
This special issue of the SOCA journal can be regarded as
an extended forum for the CEC conference. CECī09 had 115
submissions of which 22 regular papers were accepted. The
best paper nominees were invited to submit an extended version
of their conference papers. All submissions have gone
through an additional reviewcycle by reviewers of the SOCA
journal. Out of these submissions, five papers were selected
and are presented in this special issue.

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