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H. Tellioglu:
"About Representational Artifacts and Their Role in Engineering";
in: "Phenomenology, Organizational Politics and IT Design: The Social Study of Information Systems", issued by: Gianluigi Viscusi, Gian Marco Campagnolo, Ylenia Curzi; IGI Global, 2012, ISBN: 9781466603035.

English abstract:
This chapter is about showing how artifacts impact engineering work processes by representing important issues of individual and collaborative design work. After summarizing the state of the art of engineering as a design process, artifacts and their representational role in design and engineering, a selection of rich descriptions of artifacts´ creation and use in engineering work including team-based coordination and decision activities will be presented. The studies are based on ethnographic research carried out for several years in different design and engineering companies. Artifacts used in these studies will be analyzed from their representational point of view to illustrate their important role in design and engineering, before concluding this paper.

artifacts, representations, engineering

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