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W. Reitberger, A. Meschtscherjakov, T. Mirlacher, M. Tscheligi:
"Ambient Persuasion in the Shopping Context";
in: "Pervasive Advertising", Springer, Berlin / Heidelberg, 2011, ISBN: 978-0-85729-352-7, 309 - 323.

English abstract:
In this chapter, we give an overview on the use of pervasive computing to persuade customers in the shopping context and therefore present novel approaches towards Pervasive Persuasive Advertising. We synthesize the results of three studies, each of which lasted several days and was conducted with situated prototypes in actual shopping environments. The aim of these prototypes was to influence the customers´ shopping behavior by means of persuasive strategies and to ultimately improve the overall shopping experience. Based on these studies, we give a characterization of the shopping context and propose a contextually adequate persuasive strategy based on striking the balance between engagement and unobtrusiveness.

ambient displays - field study - awareness - shopping experience - shopping

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