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C. Gerdenitsch, J. Schrammel, W. Reitberger, M. Tscheligi:
"Supporting domestic energy reduction via persuasive technology";
Talk: CIRED - International Conference and Exhibition on Electricity Distribution 2011, Frankfurt, Deutschland; 2011-06-06 - 2011-06-09.

English abstract:
Energy consumption is abstract and invisible for consumers within the household. Through the European rollout of smart meters, an attempt to develop information and communication technologies to reduce domestic energy consumption has been launched. There is the expectation that usage of these technologies will result in energy and cost savings. This paper describes an approach for integrating persuasive strategies within these technologies to increase savings. In this paper we discuss the success of some approaches by focussing on users´ acceptance and usage. We then introduce our approach of applying persuasive strategies in information systems dealing with energy consumption.

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