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T. Reinbacher, J. Brauer:
"Precise control flow reconstruction using boolean logic";
Talk: EMSOFT2011, ACM international conference on Embedded software, Taipei; 2011-10-09 - 2011-10-14; in: "EMSOFT '11 Proceedings of the ninth ACM international conference on Embedded software", ACM New York, (2011), ISBN: 978-1-4503-0714-7; 117 - 126.

English abstract:
This paper presents a SAT-based method for control flow graph reconstruction from executable code. The key idea of the technique is to express the semantics of each basic block in a program using Boolean logic, followed by inferring pre- and postconditions for each block through interleaved forward and backward analysis. In particular, the technique relies on register-wise value-set abstractions, which are subsequently refined using alternating forward and backward analyses. Experimental evidence shows that this approach, despite being sound, recovers the control flow graph precisely for different real-world benchmarks.

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Project Head Andreas Steininger:
Framework für CounterExample Validierung und Testfallgenerierung für die Verifikation von eingebetteter Software

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