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T. Reinbacher, J. Brauer, M. Horauer, A. Steininger, S. Kowalewski:
"Past time LTL runtime verification for microcontroller binary code";
Talk: FMICS 2011, Trento; 2011-08-29 - 2011-08-30; in: "Formal Methods for Industrial Critical Systems", Springer Berlin / Heidelberg, (2011), ISBN: 978-3-642-24430-8; 37 - 51.

English abstract:
This paper presents a method for runtime verification of microcontroller binary code based on past time linear temporal logic (ptLTL). We show how to implement a framework that, owing to a dedicated hardware unit, does not require code instrumentation, thus, allowing the program under scrutiny to remain unchanged. Furthermore, we demonstrate techniques for synthesizing the hardware and software units required to monitor the validity of ptLTL specifications.

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Project Head Andreas Steininger:
Framework für CounterExample Validierung und Testfallgenerierung für die Verifikation von eingebetteter Software

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