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C. Lemell, K. I. Dimitriou, X.-M. Tong, S. Nagele, D. V. Kartashov, J. Burgdörfer, S. Gräfe:
"Low-energy peak structure in strong-field ionization by mid-infrared laser-pulses: two-dimensional focusing by the atomic potential";
Physical Review A, 85 (2012), 011403-1 - 011403-5.

English abstract:
We analyze the formation of the low-energy structure (LES) in above-threshold ionization spectra in strong-field
ionization by midinfrared laser pulses by using both quasiclassical and quantum approaches. We show this
structure to be largely classical in origin, resulting from a two-dimensional focusing in the energy-angularmomentum
plane of the strong-field dynamics in the presence of the atomic potential. The latter is shown to
cause the LES even in the absence of a long-range Coulomb tail. The peak at low energy is strongly correlated
with high angular momenta of the photoelectrons. Quantum simulations confirm this scenario. We find the LES
to be remarkably sensitive to the carrier-envelope phase of the laser field.

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Project Head Stefanie Gräfe:
Korrelierte Elektronendynamik in ultrakurzen, starken mehr-Farben Laserfeldern

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