Publications in Scientific Journals:

I. Gebeshuber:
"Green nanotribology";
Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers Part C - Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science, 226 (2012), C2; 347 - 358.

English abstract:
This concept paper analyses current nanotribology regarding its potential to go green, and presents promises and possible pitfalls of such an approach. It introduces the basic aspects of green nanotribology: nanosurfaces, nanoagents, and nanoprocesses. These basic aspects are analysed in light of three questions: How can processes get more environmentally sustainable with nanotribology? How to prevent processes to turn worse because of adverse chemical reactions? And, how to prevent that the resulting green nanotribology is not only upfront `green´ and negative impact on the environment and organisms and ecosystems is only transferred to other layers? Biological best-practice green nanotribological systems, structures, and processes are identified and serve as an inspiration to address the above questions and establish a path towards green nanotribology, sustainable, efficient, and innovative.

Keywords: green tribology, biotribology, bioinspiration, biomimetics, environment-friendly tribology, bionanotribology, biomimicry innovation method, green nanotribology, nanostruc-tures, nanoagents, nanoprocesses, nanosurfaces, sustainability, innovation

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