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J. Heurix, M. Karlinger, T. Neubauer:
"Pseudonymization with Metadata Encryption for Privacy-Preserving Searchable Documents";
Vortrag: 45th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS'45), Wailea, Maui, USA; 04.01.2012 - 07.01.2012; in: "Proceedings of the 45th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS'12)", Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, 0 (2012), ISBN: 978-0-7695-4525-7; S. 3011 - 3020.

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The average costs of data leakage are steadily on the rise. As a consequence, several data security and access control mechanisms have been introduced, ranging from data encryption to intrusion detection or role-based access control, doing a great work in protecting sensitive information. However, the majority of these concepts are centrally controlled by administrators, who are one of the major threats to corporate security. This work presents a security protocol for data privacy that is strictly controlled by the data owner. Therefore, we integrate pseudonymization and encryption techniques to create a methodology that uses pseudonyms as access control mechanism, protects secret cryptographic keys by a layer-based security model, and provides privacypreserving querying.

e-Health, Privacy, Pseudonymization, Encryption

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