M. Dawson, N. Kardjilov, I. Manke, A. Hilger, D. Jullien, F. Bordenave, M. Strobl, E. Jericha, G. Badurek, J. Banhart:
"Polarized neutron imaging using helium-3 cells and a polychromatic beam";
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A, 651 (2011), S. 140 - 144.

Kurzfassung englisch:
We present the use of helium-3 spin filters for polarized neutron imaging of magnetic phenomena. These polarization devices allow improvements in both spatial (factor of 2-3) and temporal (factor of ~5) resolution compared with previously used solid-state benders. This set-up has been used to visualize small-scale magnetic features in an Fe65.7Co18Si0.8B15.5 foil with a thickness of 21-22 μm and a saturation magnetization of 1.7 T, and trapped magnetic flux in a superconducting lead cylinder.

Neutron imaging, Polarized neutrons, Neutron spin polarisers

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