Publications in Scientific Journals:

R. Pospichal, R. Bielak, G. Liedl:
"SCWTEX - Simultaneous Cutting And Welding Of Textiles";
ACTA TECHNICA CORVINIENSIS - Bulletin of Engineering, 1 (2012), 117 - 121.

English abstract:
A combined cutting and joining process of technical textiles should help to reduce the number of production
steps. Additionally, resources needed and waste should be minimized by a combined process. Process development is
supported by Finite Element (FE)‐simulations keep the number of experiments as low as possible. Ansys software has been
chosen for process simulation and examples of polypropylene fibres cutting are presented. Depending on process
characteristics one or two laser sources will be used for experiments. First experiments have been performed on polyamide,
polyester and polypropylene woven and knitted fabrics. It is intended that energy consumption as well as resource‐
efficiency of the combined laser cutting and joining process will be optimized and compared to conventional processes.
Increased efficiency simplified and reduced requirements on storage and logistics could be beneficial especially for small‐ 
and medium‐sized enterprises (SMEīs) in Europe.

welding, laser, technical textiles, simulation

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Project Head Gerhard Liedl:
SCWTEX - SPA/03 - 051/Laserschneider

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