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S. Gräfe, J. Doose, J. Burgdörfer:
"Quantum phase-space analysis of electronic rescattering dynamics in intense few-cycle laser fields";
Journal of Physics B: Atomic , Molecular and Optical Physics, 5 (2012), 45; 055002-1 - 055002-15.

English abstract:
We present a quantum phase-space analysis of the ionization and rescattering dynamics of a one-electron atom in an intense few-cycle laser field. Snapshots of the Wigner function W(x, p) will be analysed for both soft-core Coulomb and short-ranged potentials tuned to yield identical ground state energies and similar energies for the first lowest electronic states. The influence of the long-range Coulomb potential on the rescattering wavepacket in the continuum can be disentangled from that of the induced bound-state polarization. Short- and long-range atomic potentials entail differences in the rescattering dynamics, manifesting themselves in high-order harmonic generation spectra.

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Project Head Stefanie Gräfe:
Beschreibung und Kontrolle von Elektronendynamik in starken Feldern

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