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M. Florian, J. Kemper, W. Sihn, B. Hellingrath:
"Concept of transport-oriented scheduling for reduction of inbound logistics traffic in the automotive industries";
CIRP Journal of Manufacturing Science and Technology, 4 (2011), 3; 252 - 257.

English abstract:
Nowadays ecological issues are of high public priority. Within industries namely the automotive sector, often new machines, facilities or technological innovations are the key to ecological improvements. Although it is seen less prominent, logistics play an important role in optimizing the ecological system. Due to the high amount of transport traffic in inbound logistics, small changes lead to substantial savings in CO2 emissions. Through transport-oriented scheduling this potential savings can be realized. By means of smoothing and bundling demands in scheduling, transport planning can be optimized resulting in increased utilization, avoided transports and reduced CO2 emissions. The developed concept was evaluated by means of a simulation model using real scheduling data.

Logistics, Planning, Scheduling, Production

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